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Summary0015813: Indigo UI: remove the item name from the Properties Palette
DescriptionThe item name has a very prominent place in the Properties palette but has little to no use for the vast majority of the users.

In Martin's proposal, the item name is moved to an "advanced" part of the palette.

Personally, I would like to avoid to have an "advanced" button (of course some more "specific" feature can be hidden away under collapsing tabs, but i would not use the general term "advanced").
My idea is: whenever possible to have an obvious place for each feature, and avoid the "capture all" advanced.

In the case of the item name, there are already enough places where it's shown:

- the context menu
- the Outline window

My proposal:

- remove the item name from the PP
- make the item name editable in the Outline window
- in the Preflight Verifier replace the item name by a preview of the content (for text frames the first few words, for image frames a preview or the name of the image, for the other frames a bitmap preview (in the long term?)... if ever needed... i think that IRL the place where more info is needed is really the text frame!)

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2019-09-09 09:43

developer   ~0046643

As for the preflight verifier, preview is nice but should not replace internal name, because preview is ambiguous when there are lots of identical images (layout decoration for example) or texts. Better leave as is, or use both : preview thumb aswell as internal name.


2019-09-09 10:51

administrator   ~0046645

Generating preview for all items that generate a warning could be quite slow also.


2019-09-09 12:55

manager   ~0046646

imo, users who do not set a custom name do not get any further help by seeing the name.
they just click on the warning and scribus will select the affected item.
the name does not give them any further information.

for user who want to set and / or the see custom names i think that it should be ok to open the outline window and click on the affected item.
i'm also fine with optionally having the item names in the preflight verifier, if the default is not to show them.

concerning the previews i wonder which one are really important to the users.

personally, i'm mostly concerned by empty / overflowing text and making sure that i'm fine with images with low res to stay this way.
i would probably only need previews for low res images.

i wonder for what kind of items people would need a preview.

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