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Summary0014488: Ability to rename an item from the "Outline" view's right-click (contextual) menu
DescriptionI would like to be able to rename items directly in the outliner view, by right-clicking on them and selecting "Rename"... it does not make sense that I have to switch to a different tab ("Properties") to rename it, and then come back to the outline view, and then unselect and reselect the item for the outline view to see the change.
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related to 0015813 new Indigo UI: remove the item name from the Properties Palette 



2016-12-20 16:41

manager   ~0043113

What is currently the item's name should be automatically assigned by Scribus and should not be shown to the user.

Basically, no internal identificators should be visible (or editable) for the user.
This applies also to the styles and colors IDs.

The unclear boundary between IDs and labels has been (and will be!) a steady source of bugs, as long as they are automatically translated and editable by the user.

Personally, I would suggest (in the long term) to remove the current item name from the Properties palette and add a new (real) item label in a better "Attributes" dialog (or something similar).
That label could then be used -- as an example -- in scripts.

And -- always in the long term -- I would like to see Scribus use real IDs for each item or resource referenced in a SLA file (of course, those IDs could contain a reference to the initial label of the item... but they would never change during the lifetime of a document!).

My conclusion: Adding a new way of editing the Item name is IMO not a good idea.

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