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0015905ScribusGeneralpublic2019-11-04 08:29
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Summary0015905: cannot flip rotated items
Descriptionfor rotated items, the flip tools are enabled but don't act.

we should let them flip rotated items or disable them.
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2019-11-03 23:33

administrator   ~0046947

I just did a test and flipping rotated items definitely works.


2019-11-04 03:27

updater   ~0046950

yes, rotated objects can be flipped – but is it really sane behaviour that they flip around a rotated axes?
i would expect the axes to stay horizontally/vertically.


2019-11-04 08:00

administrator   ~0046951

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This is how flipping items has always worked. The way of flipping items you propose is slightly different : if using this way, the horizontal/vertical flipping state would have to stop being an item property. That would also requires some changes in the UI : the flip buttons would have to be switched to push buttons. Another drawback : changing this behavior would break existing documents.


2019-11-04 08:28

manager   ~0046952

ok, thanks utnik for catching the detail!

personally, i tend to think that flipping around the rotated axes is not what the user wants.

and i also think that the rotation should not be a property, but an action...

since the feature works as designed i'll close this ticket... and open a new asking for a "real" flipping

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