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0015906ScribusGeneralpublic2019-11-06 15:07
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Summary0015906: flipping an item should be an action not a property
Descriptioncurrently, an item has property "flipped".

this has the consequence that a rotated item will be rotated around the rotated axis, which is not what most people will want.

the item should flip around the item's real vertical or horizontal axis.

doing to this unusual behavior i don't think that many people will have rotated flipped items, but, indeed, changing this behavior will break documents where people might have flipped rotated items.

if you (plural) agree that the current behavior is not really useful, the simplest solution to avoid dangerous breakages, would be

- disable now the flipping buttons for rotated items (deprecating the feature) except for allowing the flipping to be turned off.
- add a warning in the preflight verifier that warns about he deprecation, if flipped rotated items are found.
- if people complain we will know that the feature as it is now is not that useless.
- otherwise, after a few stable dot releases, implement the new behavior in the new stable or in the development branch. (some sort of flip_content will have to be kept... since the content has now to be shown flipped)
- people who need the feature for legacy documents can always use the latest stable release that supports the property.
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2019-11-04 11:27

updater   ~0046953

the current state is a bit more complex!
if you select multiple items, they'll flip around global (horizontal/vertical) axes. even if you just duplicate a rotated item and flip them both…


2019-11-04 13:56

manager   ~0046954

oh! utnik you're catching bigger and bigger fishes! : - )

so, the correct behavior is already implemented but is only applied to groups and multiple selections.

i wonder if we can try to estimate how many people use the "wrong" behavior and if we come to the conclusion that probably nobody does fix what i now consider a bug despite the risk that there are documents in the wild with rotated flipped items.

personally, i would tend to accept the risk but i would understand the change to be made by first deprecating the flipping for rotated items.

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