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0015933ScribusProperties Palettepublic2019-11-10 13:34
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Summary0015933: what to do with the "empty" content palettes?
Descriptionif the current item does not have a panel in the content palette (or there is no item), scribus shows now a message telling the user what she should.

personally, i feel like scribus is shouting at me.

seeing the current pannel disappear and a text replace it, pulls my attention to it. but there is "nothing" to see.

i suggest that we change the behavior in the following way:

- use the text panel as the default one. it's the most important one in scribus. show it deactivated.
- so, if there is not document active, show the text palette deactivated. as soon as we have content in the page / document panel we can show that palette instead (still deactivated).
- as long as no item has been activated, show the text palette. deactivated (in future the page / document panel as soon as a page is active)
- when there is no item active or the current item does not have a matching panel, keep the latest panel. deactivated.
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2019-11-10 06:51

developer   ~0047046

Hi ale

"Manage page properties..." full content of window and a button to the "Manage Guides" window...
.. and would make the job more comfortable the "snap to guides" and the "snap to item" box too.

If are many element in the page, from the popup menu this feature may not be available in all cases or difficult to use.
Snap_to_.gif (434,290 bytes)   
Snap_to_.gif (434,290 bytes)   


2019-11-10 07:53


ContentProperties.jpg (65,272 bytes)   
ContentProperties.jpg (65,272 bytes)   


2019-11-10 09:31

manager   ~0047047

Last edited: 2019-11-10 09:34

@peterbenedek, can you please move your proposal to 0015879 (Indigo UI: Add a page / document pane to the Content Palette)?

this ticket is about what to show when no matching panel is available and not about what to put in the page / document panel...
(p.s.: you proposal looks sane and i like it, but since it's sooooo hard to remove things from scribus once they have been added, i prefer not to rush adding new meanings to the content palette...)


2019-11-10 10:07

developer   ~0047048

"this ticket is about what to show when no matching panel is available and not about what to put in the page / document panel..."
I understand this, but...
If no item is available, then the available item is the page. That's why I suggested this.
Content Palette can also mean for me, that the content of the document (a page).
So, my suggestion is not about having a new palette, but what to show when no matching panel (or there is no selected item).

A more useful solution than showing the deactivated text property.
But this is just a suggestion...


2019-11-10 13:34

manager   ~0047049

at least for now, there is no panel available when you have multiple items selected.
or one of the different "shape" tools, the bezier curves and lines (will come soon), the calligraphy, the measurement...

you're welcome to leave your suggestion in here. but if the new behavior i suggest is accepted, we will close this ticket and i will not see it when implementing the page panel.

i've been working yesterday with the messages enabled and it was really disturbing. since the text is in the middle of the palette, each time it shows up it draws my attention to it.

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