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0016043ScribusTemplatespublic2020-02-09 21:36
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Summary0016043: Template folder
DescriptionWhen saving a document as a "modèle" (french wording), scribus asks where to save.

I wish my new "modele" to be proposed to me when i want to create a new document from "modele".
So where should i store it ?

In case i have to store it in the same folder as the other default "modeles", could scribus display their folder path in the « Open from "modele" » filedialog window ?

In case there are other possible places to store the user-created "modeles", could scribus displays them or propose a way to easily access these precious places in the « Save as "modele" » file dialog window ?

Since obviously scribus knows thes paths since it has to use them when it proposes the default "modeles", it should share this usefull knowledge when it's usefull to enable to save new defaults "modeles".
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2020-02-08 21:07

administrator   ~0047374

>> I wish my new "modele" to be proposed to me when i want to create a new document from "modele".
>> So where should i store it ?

In the directory specified in File > Preferences > Paths > Document Templates. Once saved here, the template will appear in the "New From Template" dialog in the "Own Templates" section.


2020-02-09 21:36

developer   ~0047379

Gosh, I had forgotten that "paths" option ! Thanks for remembering.

Your answer is very helpfull to me... but the 0016043 request for UI improvement is still valid.

A UI should not require more specific knowledge than what it provides itself.

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