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0016044ScribusOS-MacOSXpublic2021-05-01 21:26
ReporterJuanRubio Assigned Tocbradney  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
PlatformMac-AppleOSMacOs hig sierraOS Version10.13.6
Product Version1.5.5 
Fixed in Version1.5.7.svn 
Summary0016044: Scribus was not able to load its preferences
DescriptionWhen I choose the language of the user interface "Latin Spanish" in preferences I get the following error:

"Scribus was not able to load its preferences:
Default settings will be loaded."

... and when I start the program, if I want to enter preferences again, they are no longer available, it does not allow me to enter the preferences dialog box.
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duplicate of 0016020 closedcbradney If you switch to french language, preferences are no more available 
has duplicate 0015834 closedcbradney The app fails to get started. 
has duplicate 0016305 closedjghali Scribus Language Preferences - produces unusual behaviour 



2020-02-09 18:09



2020-02-09 19:04

administrator   ~0047378

We have no official translation for "Spanish (Latin)". So I'm not sure how you can get that language to show in the UI language list. That language for sure does not appear on Windows.


2020-02-10 02:54

reporter   ~0047380

Oh, maybe I am wrong, it is true only "Spanish" appears, a thousand apologies, that is the language that when I choose it causes me the error.


2020-02-10 03:08

reporter   ~0047381

I send 2 screenshots so you can see the sections that have an error.


2020-02-10 21:23

administrator   ~0047382

I tried multiple times to reproduce your preference loading issue on Windows. Unfortunately at this point of time I have been unsuccessful.


2020-02-11 04:50

reporter   ~0047383

Maybe you are not successful because as I explained from the beginning that I report this error, my system is MacOs hig sierra 10.13.6. My computer is an Apple Macbook. And apparently you are using Windows to replicate the error. You will have to get an Apple computer with MacOs X installed to be able to replicate the error I am telling you.


2020-02-11 09:59

updater   ~0047384

i can confirm some problems with scribus 1.5.5 and 1.5.6.svn-r23404 on macOS 10.14.6 in spanish.
after changing the ui language to 'spanish' i'm not able to reach the preferences any more. in 1.5.5 the menu looks a bit strange (see screenshot). scribus 1.5.6 doesn't show the strange .pdf entries, but the prefs won't open either.
when i close a document, scribus crashes with 'signal 11'. this doesn't happen with a german or english ui.
i had to change the ui language back manually in 'prefs150.xml' to use scribus again.
scribusSpanish.png (119,855 bytes)   
scribusSpanish.png (119,855 bytes)   


2020-03-15 22:45

administrator   ~0047434

I've fixed the menu item issue but cannot trace the crash right now. Looks to be in Qt or in OSX.


2021-04-25 15:13

reporter   ~0049104

They share a download link for the corrected version of Scribus_1.5.7.Svn
Mac-Apple platform SO Macos Hig Sierra version of SO 10.13.6, please


2021-04-25 15:24

administrator   ~0049105

Last edited: 2021-04-25 15:26

I don't understand what you have said, sorry. 1.5.7 is now released and will be available for download later today. Its built on 10.14. I will not be releasing a dmg built on 10.13


2021-04-25 15:30

reporter   ~0049106

Yes, I know that version 1.5.7 is available but it is not compatible with the version of my operating system. See the image. Use Macos Hig Sierra Version of SO 10.13.6


2021-04-25 15:32

administrator   ~0049107

Then sorry, you will need to try to build Scribus yourself or upgrade to 10.14 or higher. We are no longer supporting 10.13.


2021-04-29 21:20

administrator   ~0049111

I might have a build for 10.13 actually, having fixed an old virtual machine.


2021-05-01 21:26

administrator   ~0049112

I have uploaded a 10.13 build to Sourceforge

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