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0016049ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2020-02-15 10:58
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PlatformWindowsOS10OS Version1909
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Summary0016049: Span Columns for selected text
DescriptionIt will be very useful if we can span selected text to multiple columns. This feature is there in Indesign and will relieve the user from managing TextFrame grouping. With this feature the heading and body text can be managed in a single Text Frame which will be a great feature.
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2020-02-15 08:37

developer   ~0047386

I do not understand your request. Can you describe an example ?


2020-02-15 09:42

reporter   ~0047387

Suppose I have a text frame which is splitted to 5 columns. I want to add a headline to 5 column content which will cover the 5 columns. In scribus, now, I have to create another text frame to type the headline and set the style then adjust the text frame to 2 columns. Then I have to group both the frames to make it bounded.

I have attached images of both scribus and Indesign.
scribus.png (143,919 bytes)   
scribus.png (143,919 bytes)   
Indesign.png (100,597 bytes)   
Indesign.png (100,597 bytes)   


2020-02-15 09:57

developer   ~0047388

Ok i understand that the results are the same but you prefer how you achieve this with indesign.
So how do you achive this with ID ?
Is there some sort of "colspan=2" paragraph property ?


2020-02-15 10:11

reporter   ~0047390

Actually both are not same. One is having grouping of text boxes which will cause some work for user if we want to edit anything in Heading or content matter. But in Indesign there is no such extra work.

Yes Indesign uses Span column in paragraph style. Attached a screen shot of the same
IndesignSpan.png (21,385 bytes)   
IndesignSpan.png (21,385 bytes)   

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