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0016084ScribusStylespublic2021-01-24 20:17
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PlatformLinuxOSUbuntu OS Version18.04
Product Version1.5.6.svn 
Summary0016084: Unfinished numbered lines arent perfectly numbered
DescriptionWhen a "numbered style" is created and used for a list, a new line later entered after the list is also of "numbered style", and that is fine, but it sometimes isnt when the last entered line has no "end of paragraph" char.

Steps to reproduce :
- create 3 normal paragraph style paragraphs. The last paragraph is not finished with an endofparagraph char.
- select all, apply "numbered paragraph style". See : 3 paragraphs are numbered.
- insert edit caret at end of text (end of 3d paragraph), press enter, type text
- see : new created line isent numbered
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related to 0013135 confirmed At the end of paragraph the text property is reset 



2020-04-10 14:25

updater   ~0047501

this is not limited to numbered styles. unfortunately it's how scribus works by default. when you type at the end of a text, scribus uses the settings of the frame itself.
the hack for a more sane (and more usual) behaviour is to push a paragraph sign in front of the cursor while you type.


2020-04-10 19:37

developer   ~0047503

Thoughts : usualy scribus behaves as if the paragraph style would be stored in the endofparagraph char (for example : deleting it looses the style), but this is no more possible when there is no end of paragraph character...
How to improve this ?
- store paragraph style somehow not related to endofparagraph char ?
- prevent ability to create text without endofparagraph char ?

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