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0016103ScribusImport / Exportpublic2020-06-21 12:56
Reporteroliverthered Assigned Tojghali  
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Product Version1.5.5 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0016103: Update PDF import with features matching Inkscapes PDF import
DescriptionPDF Inport in Inkscape has reciently improved and it now imports text as text instead of colections of vectors.
It should not be too dificult to port the functionallity from, Inkscare to scribus allowing Scribus to impoty text in PDF files correctly along with any other enhancements from Inkscape's latest PDF import routines.
Steps To Reproducetry importing any pdf that contains text
Additional InformationI've got plenty of spare time on my hands and have just finished working on the SVG import and export in the open-source wick-editor so I should be in a position to volunteer my work and implement this feature.
TagsPDF, pdf import


duplicate of 0016142 new review and merge pull request 0000135 to begin supporting text import from PDF files 



2020-05-06 14:35

manager   ~0047597

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hi oliver

thanks for your offer!

could you come to the irc channel to discuss about it? (#scribus on freenode)
or suggest another way how we can discuss about it...



2020-05-09 16:49

administrator   ~0047611

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>> PDF Inport in Inkscape has reciently improved and it now imports text as text instead of colections of vectors.

Yeah, but after some test, I see that Inkscape will usually perform font substitution when importing text as text if user does not have corresponding fonts installed on his computer. I've tested a bit Inkscape PDF import and its ability to preserve the PDF original aspect when importing text as text is pretty poor. So we will need to have an option on how text will be imported (vector or text), with the default set to vector. The dialog will also need a message to inform the user of the consequences of his choice.

Also given how PDF stores text, it may be impossible to extract the original text from PDF as PDF often stores glyphs, not text directly. That's why the ability to import as vector must be kept.


2020-05-11 13:30

manager   ~0047612

yes, it should really be an option.

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