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0016146ScribusColor Managementpublic2020-06-26 15:25
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Product Version1.5.6.svn 
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Summary0016146: Bad PDF rendering of edited gradiant
DescriptionI had a fullpage width horizontal gradiant rectangle. Rendered PDF was fine.

I edited rectangle's width so it covers only half width of page.

Gradiant looks nice in Scribus but renders bad in PDF (tried in Evince, Okular and xpdf)
Additional InformationSee screenshots and documents :
- scribus editing and PDF rendering screenshots
- SLA and PDF files

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2020-06-25 21:03


bug dégradé.pdf (1,846 bytes)
bug dégradé.sla (21,924 bytes)


2020-06-25 21:13

developer   ~0047731

After some more editing, PDF rendering looks quite nicer but a lot weirder : where does that sci-fi sphera come from ?


2020-06-25 21:16


PA with bug.sla (33,558 bytes)


2020-06-25 21:51

administrator   ~0047732

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The sla files uploaded here seems to contain invalid gradient data. Noticeably the gradient type has an invalid value. Has the frame object been copied from some old file or something like that?


2020-06-26 05:11

developer   ~0047733

Yes it comes from an old file that once was 1.4 and that i use in everyday life as a master document.
Only changing the rectangle width shows this issue. Which attribute or value is wrong ?


2020-06-26 11:56

administrator   ~0047734

The GRTYP="1" value in the uploaded documents should be GRTYP="6". Do you have a reproducible way to get those incorrect values in 1.5.x files? As far as I can see we have code in 1.3.x and 1.4.x file loaders to perform the conversion from a few legacy values to the new ones.


2020-06-26 15:25

developer   ~0047735

AMOF this file is part of an almost 10 year old automated SLA creation php script that has been upgraded to fit 1.5 SLA format and has continuously provided perfect result... until i resized the gradiant rectangle width !

So it's not scribus fault.
Sorry for disturbing and thank you for the help.

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