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0016157ScribusUser Interfacepublic2020-07-08 14:30
Reporterale Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version1.5.6.svn 
Summary0016157: [PATCH] View menu: move all sub-items but the "Zoom" submenu directly into the View menu
DescriptionA few years ago there has been a night and fog action and many menu items have been moved into sub menu items.

I guess that the main goal was to keep the Item menu manageable.

From my own experience and the feedback I've got, the main result has been that many actions are hard to discover or trigger.

I don't have a better solution for the Item menu, but the View menu has two sub menus with only one item and one sub menu with two items.
Three of seven Sub menus are really unnecessary.

I suggest that we keep the Zoom sub menu and that all other menu items are moved back to the main View menu.

Preview Mode
[ ] Show Grid
[ ] Show Guides
[ ] Show frames
[ ] Show text chain
[ ] Show control characters
[ ] Show baseline grid
[ ] Show text frame columns
[ ] Show images
[ ] Show Margins
[ ] Show Bleeds
[ ] Show Layer indicators
[ ] Show rulers
[ ] Rulers relative to page
[ ] Move / Resize value indicator
Zoom >

The resulting menu is shorter than the Insert menu

Some notes:

- I would remove the "Show" from the menu items
- I would remove the options to show the bleeds and margins... (if somebody does not want them, she should set them to 0 and, in that case, Scribus should not display them; and of course, it should be easy to edit items in preview mode... and this has been a request supported but almost all scribus users for many years...)
- I've tried to order the items by how often I think they are used; the Zoom makes to the end because of the alphabetic order, because there are much better ways to zoom in and out, and because in this way it stands out and it's still easy to trigger.
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2020-07-08 11:18

manager   ~0047803

patch atttached...
view-menu.diff (3,793 bytes)   
diff --git a/scribus/scribus.cpp b/scribus/scribus.cpp
index 96859789a..4a882eea3 100644
--- a/scribus/scribus.cpp
+++ b/scribus/scribus.cpp
@@ -1166,6 +1166,25 @@ void ScribusMainWindow::initMenuBar()
 	//View menu
 	scrMenuMgr->createMenu("View", ActionManager::defaultMenuNameEntryTranslated("View"));
+	scrMenuMgr->addMenuItemString("viewPreviewMode", "View");
+	scrMenuMgr->addMenuItemString("viewShowGrid", "View");
+	scrMenuMgr->addMenuItemString("viewShowGuides", "View");
+	scrMenuMgr->addMenuItemString("SEPARATOR", "View");
+	scrMenuMgr->addMenuItemString("viewShowFrames", "View");
+	scrMenuMgr->addMenuItemString("viewShowTextChain", "View");
+	scrMenuMgr->addMenuItemString("viewShowTextControls", "View");
+	scrMenuMgr->addMenuItemString("viewShowBaseline", "View");
+	scrMenuMgr->addMenuItemString("viewShowColumnBorders", "View");
+	scrMenuMgr->addMenuItemString("viewShowImages", "View");
+	scrMenuMgr->addMenuItemString("SEPARATOR", "View");
+	scrMenuMgr->addMenuItemString("viewShowMargins", "View");
+	scrMenuMgr->addMenuItemString("viewShowBleeds", "View");
+	scrMenuMgr->addMenuItemString("viewShowLayerMarkers", "View");
+	scrMenuMgr->addMenuItemString("SEPARATOR", "View");
+	scrMenuMgr->addMenuItemString("viewShowRulers", "View");
+	scrMenuMgr->addMenuItemString("viewRulerMode", "View");
+	scrMenuMgr->addMenuItemString("showMouseCoordinates", "View");
+	scrMenuMgr->addMenuItemString("SEPARATOR", "View");
 	scrMenuMgr->createMenu("ViewZoom", tr("Zoom"), "View");
 	scrMenuMgr->addMenuItemString("ViewZoom", "View");
 	scrMenuMgr->addMenuItemString("viewFitInWindow", "ViewZoom");
@@ -1175,33 +1194,6 @@ void ScribusMainWindow::initMenuBar()
 	scrMenuMgr->addMenuItemString("viewFit100", "ViewZoom");
 	scrMenuMgr->addMenuItemString("viewFit200", "ViewZoom");
 	scrMenuMgr->addMenuItemString("viewFit400", "ViewZoom");
-	scrMenuMgr->createMenu("ViewPreview", tr("Preview"), "View");
-	scrMenuMgr->addMenuItemString("ViewPreview", "View");
-	scrMenuMgr->addMenuItemString("viewPreviewMode", "ViewPreview");
-	scrMenuMgr->createMenu("ViewMeasuring", tr("Measurement"), "View");
-	scrMenuMgr->addMenuItemString("ViewMeasuring", "View");
-	scrMenuMgr->addMenuItemString("viewShowRulers", "ViewMeasuring");
-	scrMenuMgr->addMenuItemString("viewRulerMode", "ViewMeasuring");
-	scrMenuMgr->addMenuItemString("showMouseCoordinates", "ViewMeasuring");
-	scrMenuMgr->createMenu("ViewTextFrames", tr("Text Frames"), "View");
-	scrMenuMgr->addMenuItemString("ViewTextFrames", "View");
-	scrMenuMgr->addMenuItemString("viewShowBaseline", "ViewTextFrames");
-	scrMenuMgr->addMenuItemString("viewShowColumnBorders", "ViewTextFrames");
-	scrMenuMgr->addMenuItemString("viewShowTextChain", "ViewTextFrames");
-	scrMenuMgr->addMenuItemString("viewShowTextControls", "ViewTextFrames");
-	scrMenuMgr->createMenu("ViewImageFrames", tr("Image Frames"), "View");
-	scrMenuMgr->addMenuItemString("ViewImageFrames", "View");
-	scrMenuMgr->addMenuItemString("viewShowImages", "ViewImageFrames");
-	scrMenuMgr->createMenu("ViewDocument", tr("Document"), "View");
-	scrMenuMgr->addMenuItemString("ViewDocument", "View");
-	scrMenuMgr->addMenuItemString("viewShowMargins", "ViewDocument");
-	scrMenuMgr->addMenuItemString("viewShowBleeds", "ViewDocument");
-	scrMenuMgr->addMenuItemString("viewShowFrames", "ViewDocument");
-	scrMenuMgr->addMenuItemString("viewShowLayerMarkers", "ViewDocument");
-	scrMenuMgr->createMenu("ViewGrids", tr("Grids and Guides"), "View");
-	scrMenuMgr->addMenuItemString("ViewGrids", "View");
-	scrMenuMgr->addMenuItemString("viewShowGrid", "ViewGrids");
-	scrMenuMgr->addMenuItemString("viewShowGuides", "ViewGrids");
 	//CB If this is viewNewView imeplemented, it should be on the windows menu
 //	scrMenuMgr->addMenuItem(scrActions["viewNewView"], "View");
view-menu.diff (3,793 bytes)   

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