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0016228ScribusUsabilitypublic2020-09-02 12:26
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Summary0016228: Importing another sla file does not create linked frames when adding pages
DescriptionI have one project where I create one file per chapter, and then import them all into one document to get the page numbering correct.
When I select Page->Import, select another sla file, Import Pages *, and check the "Create Page(s)" checkbox I get a combined document with the two documents, except that after the first page of the document is blank!

I figured out that the little symbol down in the corner indicated a text box overflow, and the document had been imported, and the pages created, but the text frames had not been linked, so you had to do that manually. When you have 200 pages, that is just not doable, also, the behaviour is quite intuitive. I'm also pretty sure, even though I have no ability to test, that in version 1.4.x the text frames where linked automatically.

I would consider this a bug, and a quite severe one.
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duplicate of 0008056 assignedale [WIP PATCH] Import pages with linked text frames breaks the links 



2020-09-02 12:04

developer   ~0048018

I've never managed to achieve what you intend to do, due to various Scribus 1.4 and 1.5 issues relating to import, linked text frame and styles conflicts.
Instead of doing so i produce separate PDF and merge them.
I created a set of script to automate this and other various operation on the set of chapters :


2020-09-02 12:25

administrator   ~0048019

Duplicate of issue 0008056

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