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0016239ScribusScripterpublic2020-09-14 13:42
Reporterale Assigned To 
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Product Version1.5.6.svn 
Summary0016239: add setPosition() to the scripter
Descriptioncurrently, there is only a moveObject.
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2020-09-14 08:40

administrator   ~0048050

You can already modify an object position by calling setProperty with "xPos" and "yPos" properties.


2020-09-14 08:44

administrator   ~0048051

It seems also that the documented moveObjectAbs already accomplish what setPosition would do.


2020-09-14 13:42

manager   ~0048052

ok, i've overseen moveObjectAbs, sorry.

but, imo, it's rather a bad name for this function.

we have a getPosition() which is probably one of the most used functions of the scripter API.
it feels natural to have a setPosition(x, y) or setPosition((x, y)).

i would dare to say that even movePosition(dx, dy) would feel better than moveObject().

i suggest to:

- add setPosition()
- deprecate movePositionAbs()
- think of renaming moveObject() to fit the set/get naming (i'm not 100% sure movePosition() is good enough)

setProperty() with the position can stay, but i fear nobody uses it.

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