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0016247ScribusBuild Systempublic2020-09-24 08:02
Reporterarnaudv6 Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Platformlinux, sway (wayland)OSGentoo linux 
Product Version1.5.5 
Summary0016247: include qtwayland in Appimages (qt wayland platform plugin)
DescriptionHey, thanks for this awesome project!
Also thanks for providing appimages.

Coud you include qt-wayland in appimages to avoid this crash please?

[UI_Init] 05:05:14-140 Starting Qt5 GUI...
This application failed to start because it could not find or load the Qt platform plugin "wayland"
in "".

Available platform plugins are: eglfs, linuxfb, minimal, minimalegl, offscreen, xcb.

Steps To Reproduceuse a "pure wayland" (no xwayland) sway session (but any other pure wayland compositor should also show the problem)
try to run the latest unstable appimage.
Additional Informationrelevant environment vars:

Tags64 bit., appimage



2020-09-22 07:00

manager   ~0048084

@arnaud , do you know what exactly is needed?

do we just need to add the package in the docker image or do we need two different appimages, one for X11 and the other for wayland?


2020-09-22 12:13

reporter   ~0048085

I'd say Qt can check session type at runtime so one appimage is enough, but I asked here:
And I'm willing to test if you come up with such an appimage.
Thanks for the support !


2020-09-23 06:03

reporter   ~0048086

Probono answered on above link: one appimage with bundled qt-wayland should do it.


2020-09-23 09:26

manager   ~0048087

so, we probably need to add

to the docker image... and then?

@arnaud , would you be willing to do the research and make merge requests against and / or

(or upload a patch in here)


2020-09-23 16:40

reporter   ~0048088

Thanks for the links ale: saved me quiet some search.
Took the .deb file from here instead:
And tried and could not due to my pseudo, but this should be easy, see MR.

Did not know that probono created your scribus-ci-docker appimage files. Because
Didn't know scribus was developped on gitlab: I was redirected here from and I wouldn't have bothered creating this account on mantis.
I feel like this is a bug per-se : redirecting users to gitlab would onboard more persons I think. Maybe there is an ongoing migration?


2020-09-24 06:57

manager   ~0048095

the git repositories are not official and i have created them to onboard people who don't find this bug tracker or refuse to register to it.
this is for now the official bug tracker and if you open tickets on github or gitlab i will need to copy them over in here.

in the case of the appimage, i'm using it inside of the gitlab CI and i did most of the work on it (of course with the very precious help from probono!).
so it makes sense to fill the tickets / MR in there and once i've tested them i will replicate them in here.

in the long term scribus will very likely move to git and possibly to a more modern and integrated platform. but, as they say: in the long term we are all dead...


2020-09-24 08:02

reporter   ~0048097

well thanks for creating the git mirror, let's hope "they" migrate before we're dead :-)

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