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0016272ScribusScripterpublic2020-10-17 13:56
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PlatformWindowsOS10OS Version1909
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Summary0016272: While running ImageExport() python script error is coming if Filename or path has space in it
DescriptionWhile running ImageExport() python script error is coming if Filename or path has space in it
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2020-10-17 10:33

administrator   ~0048174

Unable to reproduce. Works here.


2020-10-17 11:15

reporter   ~0048175

import scribus
import os
import sys
if (len(sys.argv) > 1):

    if haveDoc():
        pageImagePreview = scribus.ImageExport()
        pageImagePreview.type = "JPG"
        pageImagePreview.scale = 90
        pageImagePreview.quality = 90
        pageImagePreviewName = (os.path.split(scribus.getDocName())[1]).split(".")[0] = "{}\S_{}.jpg".format(sys.argv[2],pageImagePreviewName)
        pageImagePreview.dpi = 150
        pageImageThumb = scribus.ImageExport()
        pageImageThumb.type = "JPG"
        pageImageThumb.scale = 6
        pageImageThumb.quality = 100
        pageImageThumbName = (os.path.split(scribus.getDocName())[1]).split(".")[0] = "{}\S_{}.jpg".format(sys.argv[4],pageImageThumbName)
        pageImageThumb.dpi = 150
        print("No Documents")
    print ("Parameters Incorrect")

SLA File: Z:\Shared\STWorking\General KTM-Kottayam-Manorama-First-A-18102020-1.sla

Command Line

cmd /C ""D:\ScribusST\Scribus\scribus.exe" -g -ns "Z:\Shared\STWorking\General KTM-Kottayam-Manorama-First-A-18102020-1.sla" --python-script D:\ScribusST\ --python-arg Z:\Shared\Pages\18102020\\Kottayam\\Manorama\\First\Preview\ --python-arg Z:\Shared\Pages\18102020\\Kottayam\\Manorama\\First\Thumbnail\"


2020-10-17 11:44

administrator   ~0048176

Last edited: 2020-10-17 11:44

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Your command line is wrong in the first place. Current scribus development versions do not support any --python-arg command line options. That option has been removed from code in November 2015, so that means no Scribus version uses it since 1.5.1.

The python script arguments should be specified this way:
scribus.exe -g -ns --python-script pythonArg1 pythonArg2 ... pythonArgN -- scribus-file.sla


2020-10-17 12:11

administrator   ~0048177

Note also that with such command line your script would be also wrong as sys.argv would have only 3 arguments (script path + 2 scribus python arguments). So sys.argv[4] would itself trigger a Python error as 4 would be out of range.


2020-10-17 13:22

reporter   ~0048178

Actually it was not working with filename having space. I was on it from 12 PM IST to 2:30 PM IST.Now it is working.
Also the argument part, it won't trigger any error as it will take scirpt path, two "--python-args", two arguments all as arguments. in sys.argv

Anyway please close it and if I could find out the issue again I will come back with more details.

Thank You

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