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0016313ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2022-09-24 21:52
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Summary0016313: remove the "window > inline items" and do not allow to reuse inline items
Description- i don't think that any user will ever browse through the list of inline items. from the layout side, they are not a special resource.
- there is no need to reuse them. if somebody wants to reuse something, we already symbols.

before removing the "inline items" dialog, we have to make sure that it is possible to comfortably edit the inline items.
double clicking on them already works, but it is not working as reliably as i would wish it (some people might have issues with it)
listing them as sub items in the outline window might be a good complement.
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related to 0008373 confirmed After deleting page containing inline frame, frame remains in saved doc 



2020-11-04 10:20

manager   ~0048325

"send to > inline items" should also be removed. it really does not make sense. sorry.

on the other side, we might want to add "insert at cursor position" for scrapbook and symbols elements.


2022-09-24 21:52

reporter   ~0049764

Just wanted to mention that I use the inline items panel frequently and find it convenient. As far as I can tell, symbols don't serve as a replacement for reusing inline items; at least, I can't figure out how to make a group into a symbol and keep it as a vector, or to insert a symbol in the middle of running text the way an inline item can be used. So I think it's useful to keep the inline items panel and the ability to send things to inline items.

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