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0016325ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2020-12-23 09:06
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Summary0016325: for some CTL fonts line is splitting into two if a textbox is placed inside the other
DescriptionWe have placed a text box inside another text box and set the textflow as "Textflow around bounding box" . Then we raised the level of the textbox placed inside. Now we type a line in Malayalam language (CTL font). For some fonts the line will break. This was not happening before Revision 24108

Attached the scribus file and font that is having issue. The line will not break if we change line spacing mode to Baseline grid. If it is fixed linespacing then only it is breaking
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2020-11-09 13:40


Document-1.sla (15,355 bytes)
KinginiUN.ttf (345,808 bytes)


2020-11-09 14:22

reporter   ~0048353

Rather this is not there upto Revision 24041. After that this is happening.


2020-11-09 14:33

administrator   ~0048354

Use "Font Ascent" as first line offset of your text frames. When anything related to "Text flow around" is used, that makes things work better.


2020-11-09 16:17

updater   ~0048357

why on earth is the insane 'maximum ascent' still the (unchangeable) standard setting?


2020-11-10 09:53

reporter   ~0048367

I changed it to "Font Ascent". Then another issue appeared. I typed the words "മലയാളം ലേഖകൻ" These are two words. The space between this word is disappearing if the font size is 10pt, 11pt etc.. If the font size is 12pt, 17pt etc.. there is no issue. But if we just press the spacebar or enter key after the last character of the words, the space between the words is OK. i have attached a new document with the issue. The font used the same uploaded in this ticket earlier.

Document-1-2.sla (15,468 bytes)


2020-11-21 23:55

administrator   ~0048471

I fixed the issue of the disappearing space in r24271. It appears to have fixed 0016347 at the same time.


2020-12-22 12:15

reporter   ~0048593


We have faced one more issue of space squeezing with Font Ascent. This time it is coming at the bottom part

I have attached the sla file also.

image.png (163,720 bytes)
image.png (163,720 bytes)
Test-Kottayam-Manorama-First-A-23122020-45.sla (39,960 bytes)


2020-12-22 12:17

reporter   ~0048594

Just pull the bottom of the text frame a little bit down. The overlapped words will be correct.
You can also check the paragraph style settings in the content properties window to check whether something is wrong there


2020-12-22 16:35

developer   ~0048596

Very similar (or same?): 0012190


2020-12-23 09:06

reporter   ~0048598

Attached the font file also for opening the document

PANCHARIUNIN.TTF (284,808 bytes)

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