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0016338ScribusBuild Systempublic2020-11-15 19:22
Reporterdnestico Assigned Tojghali  
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Product Version1.5.6 
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Summary0016338: incompatibility
DescriptionI just installed Scribus on MacOS 11.0.1. Upon starting, a message appears "There is a problem loading 1 of 53 plugins. After clicking OK, Scribus comes up fine and my previous documents appear to import fine and editable.
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2020-11-15 16:01



2020-11-15 16:38

administrator   ~0048421

Which dmg did you use? The one which supports Python 3 requires XCode to be installed for that support to work.


2020-11-15 18:12

reporter   ~0048422

I used scribus-
What is the purpose of
Where can I get Xcode?



2020-11-15 18:28

administrator   ~0048423

The dmg you used is indeed the one with Python 3 scripting support and is the component which provides that support. You can get Xcode from Apple, it can be obtained from Mac App Store. However if you don't need scripting or don't need specifically Python 3 scripting support, you'd better use the standard dmg (scribus- It supports only Python 2 scripting, but does not require Xcode to be installed for it to work.


2020-11-15 18:48

reporter   ~0048424


Installing XCode solved the problem. I'be been learning Python, so installing Xcode may be useful


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