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0016375ScribusPDFpublic2020-12-07 16:55
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Product Version1.5.6 
Summary0016375: PDFs exported from Scribus hang the Fiery RIP
DescriptionPDFs exported from Scribus hang the Fiery RIP. The only way I can print them is to rasterize the pdf before printing. I use PDF X-Change Editor for to rasterize the pdf, basically doing the RIP's job for it, and then it prints fine. I did not have this problem 1.5.5, but unfortunately I did not keep that version after I switched to 1.5.6.
Steps To ReproduceExport my layout to pdf the same way I've done for years from Scribus, then send to the RIP, and nothing happens.
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2020-12-04 01:36

administrator   ~0048521

Bad luck, I left EFI a few months ago, so I do not have access to their RIPs anymore.


2020-12-04 10:52

administrator   ~0048522

I reviewed changes to the PDF export code which have been committed between 1.5.5 and release. There has been no significant changes to the exported PDF structure which could explain a hang in a RIP. As you've seen by yourself, PDF X-Change Editor can process the file successfully. You should hence contact EFI support, only EFI can debug the Fiery RIP.

Two questions tho:
1) Which EFI rip are you using? Is it Fiery XF or is it "the" Fiery?
2) Could we get a hand on a document which triggers this issue?


2020-12-04 18:54

reporter   ~0048523

Fiery Command Workstation reports "E100-F949 60-55C-KM-V 1.2"

I'll try to reduce it to a simple example and post the document here soon.


2020-12-07 16:55

reporter   ~0048534

Well, as I tried to come up with a simple example, I came to the conclusion that the document was just too large and complex for the RIP, because when I tried to print just the first page of the exported pdf, it seemed as if the RIP was hung, but when I got back to the office hours later, it had actually printed. The document is 60 pages, with lots of text and images. So I don't know whether there is a problem in Scribus or not. Other smaller and less complex documents print fine.

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