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0016412ScribusOS-MacOSXpublic2021-01-12 17:29
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Product Version1.5.6 
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Summary0016412: Scribus hangs and the crashes every time I try to use it
DescriptionWhen I open the app I get the splash screen which says in the bottom right hand corner:
"New font found, checking..."
Nothing more happens until I either quit the app or it crashes sometime later.
I got the attached crash report last time I tried to use Scribus
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2021-01-07 12:43


Scribus Crash.rtf (130,091 bytes)


2021-01-09 14:10

administrator   ~0048660

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The crash report shows that you have way too many fonts installed on your system. Please use a font manager!

Scribus checks all fonts on first start in order to exclude fonts which may pose a problem for correct PDF output. That's why it may take a while before application appear if there are lots of fonts present on the system. If Scribus crashes during this step, you may well have fonts which are broken enough to warrant not being used at all.


2021-01-10 08:08

reporter   ~0048664

Thanks jghali for your reply. Never used a font manager. Can you recommend what to use and how many fonts should be the target?


2021-01-10 19:16

administrator   ~0048667

On MacOS, you have FontBase (free) or Suitcase Fusion (commercial). Here is a list of different font managers:

>> how many fonts should be the target?

When using a font manager, the rule is : fonts provided by your system manufacturer + fonts used by currently edited document. No more.


2021-01-12 17:29

reporter   ~0048678

Sorry but you are going to have to speak to me in words of one syllable I think.
I have downloaded FontBase. It seems to have populated with 3031 fonts from the Provider Google. No mention of Apple. All fonts are inactive. Should this mean therefore Scribus should now start and because there are no fonts loaded it won't go through the font checks you mentioned before. Sadly it still hangs on start up.
I've searched for the word font in Finder and come across several folders in lots of different locations. I have no idea whether I should delete some of them, all of them or leave well alone.
I thought FontBase would cure all ills but unfortunately not.

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