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0016426ScribusUsabilitypublic2022-01-15 16:16
Reportertoyotadesigner Assigned Tocbradney  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version1.5.7.svn 
Fixed in Version1.5.8.svn 
Summary0016426: Can not manage colors and fills
DescriptionCan not add another group, can not open a color palette
Steps To ReproduceMenu -> Edit -> Colors and Fills -> Current Color Set -> When I click a color set, I hear a sound but nothing happens, can not select any color set in the drop down

Menu -> Edit -> Colors and Fills -> Current Color Set -> Can not add another category — the entry is missing

Second bug:

Working with Scribus -> preview -> I always receive a warning message I have attached below. In the forum Utnik informed me that this is because of the color blindness setting, but I can not find any setting to disable the color blindness setting to avoid the warning message. Working with hundreds of images in a document, this »feature« is annoying and wastes time.
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2021-01-11 11:17



2021-01-11 22:29

administrator   ~0048671

On the View Tools toolbar, when you are in preview mode, you can change the display options for visual impairment.


2021-01-12 02:28

administrator   ~0048672

>> Working with Scribus -> preview -> I always receive a warning message I have attached below.

You'll get that warning if you have color management enabled + out of gamut color display option enabled. Disable "Mark colors out of gamut" option in Document Setup > Color Management and that warning will go away.


2021-01-12 06:34

reporter   ~0048673

@ jghali, thank you very much, this does the trick.

Maybe this option should be disabled as a standard setting? Why drive the users nuts with unnecessary warnings, just because they do not know where to change this setting. There is no logic behind it to look in the CMS settings…


2021-01-12 07:21

reporter   ~0048674

Thinking about it… Wouldn't it make sense to display a warning if this option is activated in the document settings?

Or what about a checkbox next to the color blindness drop down like this one:
suggestion_scribus_CMS.jpg (37,930 bytes)   
suggestion_scribus_CMS.jpg (37,930 bytes)   


2021-12-31 18:48

reporter   ~0049453

the first bug seems to be solved.
=> 0016705: Colors and Fill dialog: color sets cannot be selected


2022-01-01 16:14

administrator   ~0049454

I have confirmed.. these options are not on by default. I have however adjusted the warning message.

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