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0016433ScribusFontspublic2022-01-13 19:10
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Summary0016433: Tibetan Font Issue
DescriptionProduct version 1.47, 1.53 and the latest version in Zorin 12.3 core. Tibetan letters and some Japanese characters that are "stacked", (built with online keyboard and composed of one letter on top and one on the bottom) do not render well. The letters overlap each other and are greatly exaggerated and sizing is disproportionate. Some examples: རྒྱ, ཛྷ ཌྷ, སྩ, སྫ. ཕྱ, ནྱ.

Steps To ReproduceCopy paste into text frame.
Additional InformationFont issue not present in Libre Office with some exception.
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2021-01-17 12:10

administrator   ~0048698

Last edited: 2021-01-17 12:28

Please provide sample document with text + font and a screenshot showing how that text should render. None of the team members has Tibetan knowledge.


2021-01-24 18:43

administrator   ~0048750

Please upload the requested items, otherwise we will have to close this issue.


2022-01-13 19:10

administrator   ~0049478

Closing due to absence of requested elements.

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