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0016537ScribusOS-Linuxpublic2021-04-05 21:30
ReporterFerdinand Assigned Tojghali  
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PlatformXfce 4.16OSArch Linux x86_64OS Version5.11.11-arch1-1
Product Version1.5.6 
Summary0016537: After installation, upon first run, complains about missing
DescriptionThis is version on Arch Linux with kernel 5.11.11-arch1-1 and Xfce 4.16.
Link to installed package:
(version on that page will change with updates)

Scribus gives a warning (ref. attached screenshot) on first startup:
There is a problem loading 1 of 55 plug-ins.
This is probably caused by some kind of dependency issue or old plug-ins existing in your install directory. If you clean out your install directory and reinstall and this still occurs, please report it on
After a complete cleanout and new install the problem remains, so the suggestion in the warning doesn't work.

It should be noted that the file exists (ref. attached screenshot), so some kind of check gets it wrong.

The warning requested a bug report, hence this report :-)
Steps To Reproduce$ sudo pacman -Syu scribus
$ scribus
Cannot find plug-in: /usr/lib/scribus/plugins// undefined symbol: _ZTI16SplashFontFileID
Cannot find plug-in: /usr/lib/scribus/plugins// undefined symbol: _ZTI16SplashFontFileID
$ ls -l /usr/lib/scribus/plugins//
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 322K 05.04.2021 02:16 /usr/lib/scribus/plugins//


has duplicate 0016538 closedjghali Can't open, or properly import PDF files 



2021-04-05 07:38


Scribus.jpg (104,179 bytes)   
Scribus.jpg (104,179 bytes)   


2021-04-05 09:25

administrator   ~0049073

What you describe is an issue which an Arch package. We cannot fix distro package specific issues, so your issue must be submitted directly to your distro. The cause of your problem is likely a discrepancy between the poppler package installed by your distro and the poppler package against which scribus was compiled. We have already provided fixes for compiling scribus against poppler 21.03.0 and 21.04.0 in our source code.

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