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0016547ScribusUser Interfacepublic2021-05-09 12:21
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Summary0016547: Update Layout for Node Editor 2
DescriptionIn 0016462 I experimented with a new layout for Node Editor... I want to try again for 1.5.8.

I propose a new layout for Node Editor designed on one grid without any text label – only with icons – to be as compact as possible. In this stage this is only a mockup. But I think it is feasible. Please see the attached mockup, it tells everything. The icons are not considered final at all, the layout is the point in the idea.

@jghali, @cbradney, please review the concept. You are free to modify, to think further, to shape the idea.

If you accept the proposal I can provide the icons (in consultation with Dezso Markon) and the .ui file but I have to find a developer for C++ tasks. Unfortunately, the C++ tasks associated with the idea exceed my skills :-).
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2021-04-15 21:15


Node Editor 2.png (76,115 bytes)   
Node Editor 2.png (76,115 bytes)   
Node Editor 2.svg (438,050 bytes)   
Node Editor 2.svg (438,050 bytes)   


2021-04-15 21:25

administrator   ~0049100

Looks good to me so far....

For the C++ stuff, we would need to rewrite a lot of the nodepalette code. It needs it anyway as it is not based off a ui file.


2021-05-09 12:21

administrator   ~0049121

I have a few suggestions:
- group the coordinates, move, rotate and enlarge/reduce sections (i do not mean in a group box here)
- the unit comboboxes are imo not really useful as our spin boxes already support working with different units (ie you can type "12 pt" while current unit is mm"
- by doing so, at least for the move and rotate sections, you can move the 2 buttons which are placed below next to spinboxes

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