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0001661ScribusStylespublic2005-04-08 09:27
ReporterJoeboy Assigned Tofschmid  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Platformx86OSMandrake 10.1OS Version10.1
Product Version1.2.2cvs 
Fixed in Version1.2.2cvs 
Summary0001661: Selecting multiple paras and changing style only affects one para
DescriptionIn the DTP view, there doesn't seem to be a way to change the style of multiple paragraphs, which gets kind of annoying if you're dealing with a decent amount of text.

It can be done in the Story editor but sometimes that's a bit too fiddly and non-wysiwyg for comfort.
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2005-04-08 07:56

viewer   ~0004169

bumping to 1.2.2 for possible fix


2005-04-08 08:16

reporter   ~0004171

how did you try to change it? the column at the left side? that's the wrong way. you need tot use the selection-box in the menu bar.


2005-04-08 08:52

reporter   ~0004175

Just tried this in 1.2.2cvs and it seems to be fixed. Cheers.

TomK32: Talking about using Properties / Style drop-down in DTP view.


2005-04-08 09:27

reporter   ~0004177

Ah, try the story editor. it's much faster and better.

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