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0016613ScribusTypographypublic2021-08-11 14:17
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PlatformLinuxOSManjaro LinuxOS Versionn/a
Product Version1.5.7 
Summary0016613: When adjusting frame height to text on a text box, the the justification of the text is lost
DescriptionI will try to describe this as best I can.

I am running a script a friend wrote for me to design stamp album pages. When his script puts a text box on the page, the text, which is centered, is no longer centered, but is left justified. If I increase the text box height by one point, then the text immediately centers.

His description for what the script is doing is:

"In my script, the text box heights are controlled by an overflow function. The boxes are set to a small height as a default. The text is inserted, then the code checks to see if there’s an overflow. If there is, it adds 1 point to the height then checks again. It keeps growing 1 point at a time until there’s no overflow. That keeps the box to the minimum size necessary to contain the text, which is important for getting consistent spacing between the stacked text boxes. As you noted, for some reason, Scribus is not centering the text properly unless the box is 1 point higher than that lowest non-overflow height."

The script can be found here:

Click on PMGS Products and scroll down till you see PMGS Stamp Album Page Generator for Scribus
Steps To ReproduceSee description for how this bug impacts Scribus scripter.
Additional InformationThis problem was not present in 1.5.6.
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duplicate of 0012190 confirmed Incorrect text align in textbox when applying "Adjust Frame Height to Text" (see last line) 



2021-08-11 14:16

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Duplicate of issue 0012190

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