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0016650ScribusUser Interfacepublic2021-09-27 18:45
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Summary0016650: Make opening multiple files consistent
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(You should really think twice what you can take from bug reports before you trash them...)

Right now there are two ways multiple documents can be open at the same time:
1. Opening a new sub-window in the same instance (e.g. with File -> New...)
2. Opening a second file from file explorer OR starting Scribus again

With 1. you can switch between files using the "Windows" menu entry. With 2. you can switch between files as you are used to from your OS.

The "Windows" menu entry does NOT allow to switch to windows that were opened as described in 2.

One of these two options should be discarded. There is absolutely no need to create such confusion.
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2021-09-26 21:30

administrator   ~0049264

Discarding 1. is a no go as File > New is a pretty standard functionality.
As for 2., opening a document from File Explorer in an existing Scribus instance would need on Windows interprocess communication as Windows would start opening a 2nd instance anyway. Unfortunately this way of doing is not reliable especially when there is a zombie instance or an existing instance accomplishing specific tasks. And this is why we have always resisted using such method.


2021-09-27 10:10

reporter   ~0049267

Gimp is a good example of handling the restriction of multiple instances. Always worked well.

Sorry, I did not suggest removing "New...", but rather implement it the LibreOffice way (New instance or however they handle it) OR do it the Gimp way (only ever new tabs).

However, if only tabs are used I kinda feel it would greatly improve the overview if it is obvious which files are open without hiding them in a menu in the UI.


2021-09-27 18:45

administrator   ~0049268

You can already use tabs by enabling following option:
File > Preferences > User Interface > Use Tabs for Documents

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