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0016651ScribusUser Interfacepublic2021-10-02 14:15
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PlatformLinuxOSUbuntu OS Version20.10
Product Version1.5.8.svn 
Summary0016651: "Insert glyph" window closes randomly
DescriptionThe Insert glyph window keeps closing inadvertently.

I can't tell how to reproduce this précisely but it happens quite often, allways a short time after i've been using it to insert a glyph, when i'm looking at the text where the glyph has been inserted and half a stroke or 1 or 2 strokes after i've begun to edit the text further. It's quite frustrating because there are more glyphs to insert very soon ! [EDIT] Sometimes it happens when ESC is pressed
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2021-09-27 20:03

administrator   ~0049269

>> Sometimes it happens when ESC is pressed

This is expected: Esc is a standard shortcut for closing windows and dialogs.


2021-09-27 23:01

developer   ~0049270

Last edited: 2021-09-30 09:10

So it could be that after inserting a glyph i look at the insert point and my mind focuses on the text... and it looks like i am in texte edit mode because the insert caret blinks ! But scribus keeps the focus on the Insert glyph window.
That's when sometimes I want to switch to another frame, i press ESC to ... and the Insert glyph window closes.

I'd prefer when Insert Glyph would be a stable toolbox - as are the "Inlined images" toolbox that provide a way to insert images = quite similar to "Insert glyph"-.

Or as some UI do : their windows/dialogs have a "Pin me" button, that prevent the window/dialog to automatically close : the user has to close the dialog explicitely.


2021-09-30 09:17

developer   ~0049271

Last edited: 2021-09-30 19:05

I now understand the circumstances (not random !) and explained better in my previous comment.

The issue with scribus appears to be that
- Insert Glyph window captures scribus focus when a glyph is inserted. Hence ESC closes it.
- BUT the text frame window keeps looking as if it still was in text edit mode : the Insert carret blinks right next to the inserted glyph.

This is a contradiction with 2 solutions :
- 1) Either the text frame should not look as if in text edit mode once a glyph is inserted
- 2) OR insert Glyph window should not capture the focus when used. Or should give it back, to the text frame.


2021-09-30 18:02

updater   ~0049272

for me 'insert glyph' is a special task while editing the text (something like inserting a glyph from the keypad). from this point of view the current behaviour is exactly what i would expect.


2021-09-30 19:04

developer   ~0049273

Last edited: 2021-10-02 14:15

@utnik : Typing on the physical keyboard doesnt looses focus : after typing on the keyboard, one does not have to first click on the text frame so it recovers focus before being able able to type a new keyboard key.

The current behaviour is : after using Insert Glyph, one can insert a new glyph again, but one has to first select the text frame before being able to use the keyboard to continue add some text or edit the text.

AMOF, you are in favour of solution 2 "Insert Glyph window should not capture the focus when used. Or should give it back, to the text frame." (Of course this would not prevent to use once more the Insert Glyph feature, because Scribus state would be exactly the same as it was before first using the Insert Glyph feature.)

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