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0016654ScribusGraphics / Image Framespublic2021-10-11 10:01
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Summary0016654: Inline Image Edit mode
Description1) In Inline Image Edit mode, the image is displayed on top of a rectangle grey background. The grey background is not underneath the image : it is translated of a fixed distance, as a shadow. That distance looks small on big images and huge on glyph-size images. My inlined image are mostly glyph sized icons and the distance for the shadow is not adequate.
Maybe it should be proportionnal to the image size rather than fixed ? Or maybe it'd be better without ?

2) There is also a white background that fits the objects position at first. But when the object'shape si changed, the white background stays as before and is not altered. When edit is saved and exited, and when later inline image edit mode is entered again, the white background fits the new shape.
Here again no consequences but a bit of confusion during edit.

In both of 1) and 2)
- as for now, the solution for the user is to remember "These rectangle are not real. They are UI artifacts. Mere illusions. Ignore them and everything will be OK".
- these rectangles might be sort of frames, but they are not : it's possible to place objects outside of them. It looks like scribus recomputes the coordinates and the inlining frame later, when exiting edit mode, so the inlined objects is place tightly in the surrounding text. It would make sens to keep one of these frames and use it to display this inlining frame, when it is re-computed real-time each time the object's shape and size changes.

3) When entering Inline Image Edit mode, the display is sometimes empty and: there is nothing to edit. Exiting the edit mode and re-editing the object fixes the issue and enables to edit it.
This happens randomly, for both groups of shapes or simple images.

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2021-10-04 12:38

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