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0016661ScribusGraphics / Image Framespublic2021-11-17 17:15
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PlatformLinuxOSUbuntu OS Version20.10
Summary0016661: Path for copy'n'pasted inline images
DescriptionAfter a document has been collected for output and saved,
its images are stored in the "images/" subfolder and the SLA file states PFILE="images/nameoffile.jpg".
This is true also for inlined images.

But when such an inlined image is copy'n'pasted, it's path is recorded in a crazy path that goes up to the root (and even higher when copy'n'pasted again, because going higher than the root ... stays on the root)
and down again,
as PFILE="../../../../../../../DATA/REDAC/BOOK/DTP/CHAPTER1/images/nameoffile.jpg"

When the image file is in a subfolder of the SLA, the PFILE should be kept short.
This happens only for inlined images.

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related to 0006518 acknowledged [patch] Better control for your paths 



2021-10-11 20:55

administrator   ~0049292

I have tried to replicate and copied the original image before and after collect for output, as well as inlining images and copy pasting those frames etc. Works here without creating such a path. Can you reproduce step by step please?


2021-10-12 14:47

developer   ~0049296

Hmm it keeps happening in real project documents, but i couldnt replicate in a test file so as to answer your request.
I'll be more steps-of-a-path-conscious in my future inlined object actions.


2021-11-17 17:13

developer   ~0049362

Last edited: 2021-11-17 17:15

In (dating 2016 12 12), alpinekid describes a similar experience and its consequences : « i'm using 1.5.3svn, downloaded from ppa this morning, and have issues with the path to images thing. When I look at the sla file I see an relative path, but it backs up all the way to root and then goes down again, effectively making it absolute. When I move the project, I have all files stored in dirs below where the .sla file is, it breaks. »

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