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0016670ScribusUsabilitypublic2021-10-28 20:11
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Product Version1.5.7 
Summary0016670: There is a problem loading 1 of 55 plug-ins. -
DescriptionWhen I download and install "scribus-1.5.7-CatalinaPy3.dmg", when I launch Scribus, I get the below error.
It happens every-time I launch Scribus. Pressing OK on the warning lets me into the program (did not test what works or not).

There is a problem loading 1 of 55 plug-ins.

This is probably caused by some kind of dependency issue or old plug-in existing in your install directory. If you clean out your install directory and re-install and this still occurs, please report it on


Im not 100% sure what it means by install directory:

I did delete the and the scribus folder located here: /Users/username/Library/Preferences/Scribus

And then re-tried installing. I continue to get the same error on launch.

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2021-10-28 13:55



2021-10-28 14:04

reporter   ~0049319

I installed this version using macOS Monterey.


2021-10-28 20:11

administrator   ~0049321

The scribus-1.5.7-CatalinaPy3.dmg requires the installation of XCode so that the Python3 based scripter can work. If you do not plan to use the Scribus scripter or do not plan to use the Python3 based scripter, but rather the Python2 based one, please use the regular scribus-1.5.7.dmg.

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