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0001675ScribusScripterpublic2005-07-17 05:11
Reporteralexandre Assigned Toringerc 
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Summary0001675: investigate dcop scripting for KDE integrated version
DescriptionIntegration with KDE makes it possible to control a KDE application from outside
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related to 0000014 closedcbradney Better KDE Integration - From Oli's Wiki 
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2005-02-15 12:02

reporter   ~0003711

How's this for a crazy idea ... use PyKDE to expose the scripter API over DCOP? I don't know if it's possible, but it might work ;-)

I don't know enough about DCOP to speculate about built-in support.


2005-02-20 12:07

viewer   ~0003772

per roadmap


2005-02-20 14:38

reporter   ~0003775

Last edited: 2005-02-20 14:45

http:// /index.php/Experimental_PyQt_projects has a sample that relies on the use of PyKDE to load DCOP support at runtime. (ARGH, the mantis URL parser is braindead! What the heck is wrong with 'E' in a URL? URL now deliberately munged so mantis doesn't try to link-ify it.).

I have a C++ plugin working here that does exactly the same thing (just without PyKDE) and requires no patches to the core Scribus code. I'll see about bundling it up as a plugin that can be installed after the main Scribus install, but it won't be useful until I can name some of the key objects (see wiki).


2005-04-26 13:26

reporter   ~0004420

Doesn't look like DCOP would work out without writing quite a bit of IDL code for the interfaces - the automagic wrappers only seem to work on an extremely limited subset of methods. I looked for ways to make it mostly automatic, but didn't have much luck.

Given that it sounds like KDE4 may use something based on D-BUS instead of DCOP, I don't think it's worth pursuing. Better wait and see what KDE4 and Qt4 bring us, and focus on other things in the mean time - such as KIOslaves on the KDE integration side.

I'm closing this as WONTFIX. Please reopen if you think I've missed something.

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