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0016771ScribusGraphics / Image Framespublic2022-03-11 21:41
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Product Version1.5.8 
Summary0016771: Tiffs not recognized in existing file

I have a file with jpgs and Tiffs that I made with 1.5.3(?) a few years ago and when I open up the file in 1.5.8 only the jpgs are showing not the Tiffs. I tried to remap and even to import the tiffs but the TIFF image cannot be shown in the file.

In the image manager it shows the correct location and filename but does not work for the TIFFs. There is only a box with a red X.

the file size of the tiff is 10.3 mb but I never had any problems with the previous versions importing this size (or larger) of a file.

Is there a new setting I am missing?
Steps To ReproduceUpon open of a file that I know is good and was made on a previous version of Scribus, only the jpgs in the file are found and loaded not the Tiffs.
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2022-03-09 07:33

administrator   ~0049588

Last edited: 2022-03-09 07:33

I just made a test with TIFFs files and they appear to work without issue in 1.5.8. The symptoms you are describing seem to indicate that your computer is short on memory.


2022-03-09 09:27

reporter   ~0049589

Hi! Thanks for the quick reply. As it is my computer is using 6 out of 16gb and its about 4 years old. I just tried it on a different computer running 1.5.4 with the same results. There must be a setting somewhere that I am missing. Can I send you a 10mb sample image via wetransfer so you can test on your end? Thanks!


2022-03-09 16:06

administrator   ~0049590

Yes, you can send a sample file via wetransfer.


2022-03-10 09:13

reporter   ~0049592

Here is a dropbox link to a sample

Let me know if importing the image works for you. Thanks!


2022-03-10 09:22

administrator   ~0049593

Thanks! I am at work now tho, so I won't be able to make a test before the end of the day. I'll give you the results of my tests later today.


2022-03-10 19:20

administrator   ~0049594

I downloaded your sample file. I can import it without issue here.


2022-03-11 06:11

reporter   ~0049596

Thank you. I will try some things at my end and post any solutions I come up with here.


2022-03-11 07:51

reporter   ~0049597

So I found something peculiar.

The original Tiff is on an external USB3 hard drive (not bus powered). In Manage Images/show directory of my Scribus file, it points to the correct folder and file but does not import the image. If I right click the image in Scribus and select 'Info' it says 'missing' in the description.

So I use an online HD drive (Onedrive) to backup files and it syncs with a HD on my computer. I can choose to save it locally (and in the cloud) or only in the cloud. All these TIFF images I am working with are saved in a folder that is local on my computer but created by Onedrive.

If I take a TIFF image file and copy it to a local location, say to the d: drive or desktop, it imports into Scribus with no problem! JPGS always appear with no problem from the original location in the one drive folder.

My question is:
Why would it be any different for Scribus to import a JPG or TIFF from the local Onedrive folder or from a local folder?
Has this happened with other online HD services (Google drive, Dropbox, etc.) that continually syncs files?

Unfortunately this means that if I want to see all my images (tiff , jpg) I have to copy all the tiff files locally. I am still digging to find a solution to this. If I find one I will post it.



2022-03-11 21:41

administrator   ~0049598

I just tried to place your tiff file in my OneDrive directory and to import it and... no issue!

Be aware that the real directory path of the OneDrive directory is different on each machine. So you cannot import an image file from a OneDrive directory, move your document to another computer and expect when opening it that the links will work again. There is a similar problem with Indesign:

Also a file in the OneDrive directory may be deleted locally if a specific file is unused for a certain period of time, leaving only a placeholder file behind:

If Scribus would try to import such placeholder file, it would of course fail. Basically with these cloud services, you cannot be certain that a specific file is really on your drive.

>> Has this happened with other online HD services (Google drive, Dropbox, etc.) that continually syncs files?


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