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0016800ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2022-06-05 07:18
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PlatformLinuxOSUbuntuOS Version22.04
Product Version1.5.8 
Summary0016800: "Sticky tool" option doesnt work on "Link chained-textframe"
Description1) The "N" shortcut / "Link text frame" button enables to create a new frame that is linked to the current textframe.
- SHIFT modifier makes the created frame fit the margin limits that frame the clicked area. I use this modifier very often.
- The CTRL modifier makes the created frame size be the size of the dragged area once mouse is clicked. I never use this shortcut.

2) The "Insert (menu) / Sticky tool" options enables to keep same tool active after use, and enables to link several identical actions.
BUT it doesnt work with "Link textframes" tool : once first used, tool becomes "create text frame" (no more links)

REQUEST : Fix the "sticky option" so it also works for "Link chained textframe" tool.

[ARCHIVED original request :]
Add an optionnal ALT modifier that enabled to go on with the "Link texte frame" option and further create link frames = optionaly enables a continuous link mode.
With ALT SHIFT it would enable to easily fill several pages with their text frames.
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2022-06-01 17:06

developer   ~0049664

The N shortcut doesnt require mouse use, but requires unusual keyboard moves betwen N and SHIFT (which do not fit well in the same hand).

But wouldnt that be enough with some training ?


2022-06-01 17:48

manager   ~0049665

i would rather solve it by respecting the sticky property (if the tool does not do it yet)

(n + shift works very well for me... but i'm using the mouse with my left hand...)


2022-06-01 19:34

administrator   ~0049666

I'm pretty sure we had a continuous link mode (that sounds like what you're asking for) in the past and people requested it to be removed.


2022-06-02 06:20

developer   ~0049668

Craig: ok, i added the "continuous link mode" wording in the bug description.


2022-06-02 10:29

developer   ~0049670

Last edited: 2022-06-02 12:09

More feedbacks on the « N + SHIFT » shortcut :
- keys are at quite some distance so that one has / i have to look at the keyboard so as to tweak'n'twist one's/my (left) hand, in a quite uncomfortable stretch.
- this positioning has to be done only once at the begining -- so it's not toooo bad when there are lots of text frames to create and link.
- but when N is kept pressed, it auto-repeats and disables itself (and reenable and disable etc). As a consequence, one has to only press N shortly, press SHIFT continuously, and then click the mouse button. Then, when SHIFT is still pressed, the N is not active anymore. So once the mouse has been clicked, when one want to create a add a new linked text frame, one has to release SHIFT and then press N again and then press SHIFT and keep it pressed and click the mouse and then release SHIFT again. That's not yoga here, but quite a unusual rythm, that requires carefull motor coordination.
A new ALT SHIFT shortcut looks usefull.
[EDIT] There is actualy a way to describe the required actions in a simple way : quick-N then SHIFT-CLICK, release and go on. (Not easy for me to discover ! but qui OK to use afterward)


2022-06-02 18:47

manager   ~0049671

tested for you.

what you want is already there.

if you activate the sticky tools you can shift-insert as many linked frames as you want, by pressing the "n" one single time.
you can stop by pressing ESC.

if we need a shortcut, then one for enabling / disabling the stickiness of the tools.
but do we really need it?

what should probably be added, is an accelerator to the "insert > sticky _t_tools" menu entry. then you can activate / deactivate it by pressing alt-n-t-t (i'm not sure that alt-s-s would work, since the first s opens a sub menu and it might capture the second s)

finally, if we introduce the alt for the one time stickiness of the next frame, we should probably introduce it also for all other tools... but is it really worth to have?
to me it's one more duplicated feature that is hard to discover.


2022-06-03 12:17

developer   ~0049673

Last edited: 2022-06-03 15:35

Ale, i wasnt aware (anymore) of that "sticky tools" option and i'm glad you made me (re)discover it. Thanks !
I've tried it and it could use it to create a set of text frames, but after some trials it seems i can NOT use it to create linked text frames.

Here is what i do :
1. choose "Sticky" menu option.
2. click-select starting frame
3. click "link frame" button or press N. Pointer changes to "link text frame" icon
4. click on empty area : a text frame is created but it isnt linked and pointer has changed to "Create text frame". (Same doesnt happen with you ? And can you also create a SHIFT-CLICK full-available-size frame here ?)
5. Then I can go on and create more frames, as a result of the sticky effect (great) but they are NOT linked neither (sad).

It looks like this "sticky tools" option could be the solution but when it works fine for you also for linked text frames, then there might be some install relating issues on my box.


2022-06-04 08:54

manager   ~0049674

Last edited: 2022-06-04 12:09

ok, yes, i missed that the text frame tool is still selected but the linking property gets lost.

can we change this request to asking for the linking to also be sticky?


2022-06-04 13:17

developer   ~0049675



2022-06-04 13:18

developer   ~0049676

Confirmé par ale

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