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0016831ScribusBuild Systempublic2022-08-15 15:09
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Platform64bitOSUbuntuOS Version20.04
Summary0016831: Cmake required version of libpoppler and libpoppler-cpp too high for Ubuntu 20.04 repositories
DescriptionI tried to build Scribus svn trunk on Ubuntu 20.04 and ran into problems with the poppler libraries.
About 3 weeks ago, the minimum required version of poppler was increased from 0.86.0 to 21.03.0 (revision 25123->25124).
When installing Scribus' dependencies with `sudo apt install build-dep scribus` on Ubuntu 20.04, poppler libraries version 0.86.1 are installed. So there's "a lot" :-) more manual work required to get all the dependencies and build Scribus trunk in this case.
Does Scribus trunk actually use any features not present in poppler 0.86.0? If not, maybe postponing increasing the poppler version would be a good idea, at least until Ubuntu 22.04 (which comes with poppler 22.02) has replaced 20.04 on a greater scale.
Steps To Reproduce1. Install Ubuntu 20.04
2. Clone Scribus trunk
3. Try to install dependencies (sudo apt install build-dep scribus)
4. Run cmake --> fail (can't "find" poppler)
5. Update working copy to revision 23123
6. Run cmake --> success
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2022-08-15 15:08

administrator   ~0049740

>> Does Scribus trunk actually use any features not present in poppler 0.86.0?

We use now updated poppler API. As importing PDF requires to do some low level stuff, we have to use poppler private API (and that won't change). This API is quite unstable and from time to time we have to do some cleanups to keep code maintainable.

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