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0016848ScribusUser Interfacepublic2022-10-24 17:50
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Summary0016848: move the "field properties" for interactive pdf elements to the content palette
Descriptionam i correct, that -- as an example -- if i format a pdf text field with the text properties palette there will be no change in the pdf when it's rendered in the viewer?

if it's the case, then i would wish that the field properties dialog would be moved to the content properties (instead of the text properties) and that a double click on the input field enters the edit mode (instead of launching the "field properties" dialog.

each tab in a section.
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2022-10-06 16:20

manager   ~0049779

can someone confirm that the text pane of the content palette is basically useless when a pdf form element is selected?


2022-10-06 18:45

administrator   ~0049780

Basic formatting applied at the frame level will be used by the PDF text field so when not in edit mode, text pane is still useful. But in text edit mode, text properties palette is indeed useless.


2022-10-24 17:50

manager   ~0049791

ok, thanks for the information.

i guess that, my request to get the field properties moved to the content palette is still valid...

of course, the part of the text palette that is relevant should be kept.

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