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0016853ScribusGraphics / Image Framespublic2022-11-06 01:47
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Summary0016853: Imported graphics disappear an delete the sourcefiles on the HDD
DescriptionIn the meantime I am close to despair: In a book manuscript (approx. 120 pages) I use pictures (photos of size 66x92 mm). All pictures are marked accordingly so that they are saved in the document. Again and again it happens that some of the pictures are no longer displayed for no apparent reason. Instead, a link appears (e.g. Scribus_temp_LWCENv.jpg), but it leads nowhere. Each time I have to re-insert the image, but it has also been deleted from the HDD in the directory. The setting "low resolution" also brought no improvement.
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2022-10-31 20:43

administrator   ~0049799

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>> Again and again it happens that some of the pictures are no longer displayed for no apparent reason.

This is a common symptom of computer running out of memory.

When layouting a document with lots of images, it is generally a bad idea to embed the images in the document as embedding the images in the document will increase the memory usage and also make the document more fragile to corruption. Image embedding should only be used with small images and only when there are only a very few to embed in the document. If you embed all the pictures of your document, you should consider you are doing it wrong.


2022-11-06 01:47

administrator   ~0049809

Do have steps to reproduce the deletion of the originally imported image? We already fixed a similar issue in 1.5.7, i cannot reproduce this kind of deletion in 1.5.8 currently.

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