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0016855ScribusInternalpublic2022-11-03 18:27
ReporterperroTuerto Assigned To 
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OSArch LinuxOS Version6.0.2-arch1-1 
Product Version1.5.8 
Summary0016855: Bookmarks overwriting
DescriptionSince in the GUI I haven't find a way to edit the bookmarks text, I modify the sla file. However, bookmarks are been overwritten every time the frame is click.
Steps To Reproduce1. Add a bookmark
2. Modify bookmark TEXT attr in sla file
3. Open SLA file
4. Click on the frame with the bookmark
5. Bookmark is overwritten
Additional InformationIs there a way to modify bookmark in the GUI?
Tagsbookmark, bookmarks, overwrite



2022-11-03 01:55

administrator   ~0049804

>> Is there a way to modify bookmark in the GUI?

Yes, double click the frame which you have declared as a bookmark, edit its text, done.


2022-11-03 02:02

reporter   ~0049805

Ok, let me re-elaborate my question: Is there a way to modify bookmark in the GUI so its Text attr is different than the first line of its frame?


2022-11-03 02:31

administrator   ~0049806

The Text attribute is always generated from the first line of the frame and we could in fact do without that attribute for that reason. Having that attribute reduce the processing needed to populate the bookmark window on document loading. So no, there is no way in the GUI or outside for the Text attribute to be different from the first line of the frame permanently as this attribute is a generated value, not a value intended to be modifiable by user.


2022-11-03 18:27

reporter   ~0049808

Ohhh, ok. Well, I will do this with a script. Thanks!

Any idea if in the future it would be possible to edit Text attr from the Bookmarks panel?

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