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0016869ScribusTypographypublic2022-12-11 21:22
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Summary0016869: Configure fine spaces as unbreakable spaces /or/ unbr. spaces length.
Hope my english wil be understandable...

So far Scribus (1.5.5) allows to apply unbreakable spaces in the document (wholly or in part) (Extra menu) but not to set up their length (i.e. as fine spaces, or xx px...).
Concretely, fine AND unbreakable spaces should be used in french typography before double punctuation marks (!?;:) and between the french quotation marks « » and the text inside.
Use fine spaces instead doesn't solve the problem: you'd have to replace each space manually AND they'll "break" when placed at the end of a text line (--> punctuation or quotation mark will then begin the next line).
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duplicate of 0015357 new new option to apply unbreakable thin spaces for french typography 
related to 0016498 new En dash character does not take into account the Non Breaking Space 



2022-12-11 10:22

developer   ~0049830

I marked it as related (0016498), but I'm not sure.


2022-12-11 21:22

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Duplicate of issue 0015357

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