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0016898ScribusUser Interfacepublic2023-01-16 00:01
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Summary0016898: Scribus' application layout starts empty
DescriptionCurrently Scribus' application layout starts empty, which is in essence an unusable state, at least until the user enables and (typically) docks some of the utility dialogs (like Content Properties, Properties, Align & Distribute, Arrange Pages, Layers, Bookmarks). This results in very poor discoverability by new users.

I've attached a screenshot how I think a new Scribus install should look upon first start. I've used the tabbed layout mainly because that will scale best across different display resolution and such. More experienced users can of course still customize to their own preference.

I've briefly looked at attempting to implement this myself, but I couldn't find a good entry point for doing this.
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2023-01-16 00:01

administrator   ~0049936

Unfortunately we are currently limited on what is currently doable on Linux because Qt is pretty broken on Wayland as for dock widgets:

For eg. on current Fedora, at this point palettes are not dockable at all.

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