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0016912ScribusGeneralpublic2023-04-02 23:11
Reporterdemurish Assigned Tojghali  
Status closedResolutionwon't fix 
Product Version1.5.9.svn 
Summary0016912: Can no longer ungroup bars in Barcodes
DescriptionIn one of the latest 1.5.9.svn updates (2-3 months ago?), the creation of Barcodes has changed. I used to be able to ungroup the barcode, and then further ungroup the individual vector bars to resize the height of the bars.
Steps To Reproduce1. Insert > Barcode
2. "Point of sale", "UPC-A"> OK.
3. Click document to generate barcode.
4. Ungroup entire barcode.
5. Ungroup bars <-- broken.
Additional InformationIdeally, the Barcode creation screen would prompt the user for the needed bar height (like other Inkscape and other apps do), but I have a separate ticket for that enhancement. # 0016250
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2023-04-02 23:11

administrator   ~0050067

The cause of this is a change in a third party component we are using to generate barcodes. So nothing we can fix on our side.

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