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0016916ScribusTypographypublic2023-03-25 01:52
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Summary0016916: Multiple rendering issues for Odia
DescriptionHi, there are multiple rendering issues for the Odia script (

See the attached PDF with issues highlighted in yellow and the correctly-rendered version in blue.

The issues are persistent in both MacOS and Linux (tested by another fellow user from the Malayalam community) while editing and while exporting as PDF. Tested for 3 fonts: Noto Sans Oriya font family, Anek Odia font family and Alkatra (all under OFL 1.1 and available on Google Fonts).
Steps To Reproduce1. Copy text from any publicly available text. Used in this context text from
2. Create new document >> Create Text Frame >> Paste into the Text Frame. You could see poorly-rendered text as highlighted in attached PDF.
3. Export as PDF. Embed font if needed. The same rendering issues persist.
Additional InformationAttached both the PDF file and the folder created using Collect For Output (Include Fonts option checked).
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2023-03-22 20:07

reporter (1,566,481 bytes)


2023-03-23 20:18

administrator   ~0050044

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What your document shows are Harfbuzz and/or font issues, not Scribus issues.
1) You are using an old version of Noto Sans Oriya dating from around 2019, more recent versions fixing some of the issues your are seeing are available for download here:
2) I can reproduce same issues you are showing with Noto Sans Oriya and the other fonts you provided in other programs
3) I made tests with harfbuzz's hb-view utility and our text shaping is conformant with what harfbuzz gives us, see attached pngs generated with hb-view
4) The font Anek Odia SemiExpanded seems to give generally better results than Noto Sans Oriya
5) As for missing en dash in PDF, this is because Noto Sans Oriya font does not provide that glyph. Other programs such as web browsers may do automatic font substitutions, Scribus will not. Note that Scribus preflight verifier makes explicit warnings about missing glyphs before exporting to PDF.


2023-03-23 20:23

administrator   ~0050045

Here is an experiment I did by replacing all fonts in your document by Microsoft provided Nirmala UI. Result looks better. Exported PDF in attachment.
odia-nirmala.pdf (127,628 bytes)


2023-03-24 03:08

reporter   ~0050046

Thanks. The Noto Sans Oriya version attachment of yours still has the same rendering issue. Same for me after downloading the current version of Noto Sans Oriya. Anek Odia, just like yours, is perfect. Note the font rendering issue in the screenshot attached.
Glyphs-missing-warning-pdf.png (205,413 bytes)   
Glyphs-missing-warning-pdf.png (205,413 bytes)   
Noto_Sans_Oriya_on_browser.png (83,506 bytes)   
Noto_Sans_Oriya_on_browser.png (83,506 bytes)   
odia-1.pdf (165,088 bytes)


2023-03-24 03:10

reporter   ~0050047

I forgot to add: the Noto_Sans_Oriya_on_browser.png screenshot I attached shows how Noto Sans Oriya renders perfectly on a browser (Brave in this case, v1.49.128)


2023-03-24 07:01

administrator   ~0050048

>> Note the font rendering issue in the screenshot attached
It's not a font rendering issue. The issue is that you try to use a glyph which is missing from that font. As previously written, Scribus will not do any font substitution like a browser usually do and correctly warns you about the missing glyph. It's up to you to fix that issue by using a font which has a glyph for en dash.


2023-03-24 09:19

administrator   ~0050049

>> I forgot to add: the Noto_Sans_Oriya_on_browser.png screenshot I attached shows how Noto Sans Oriya renders perfectly on a browser

So Noto Sans Oriya works on Brave, but it does not on major browsers such as Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox. Meanwhile Anek Odia works on these browsers without issue. That still indicates there is a problem with Noto Sans Oriya.


2023-03-24 15:38

reporter   ~0050050

I don't have Edge to test, but the Noto Sans Oriya typeface family (a collection of 36 fonts currently) works perfectly for Firefox and LibreOffice for the following words but not for Scribus. We must figure out the problem here rather than completely ruling out any potential issues to be fixed with Scribus. As the OpenType ruleset is already incorporated into the font design, it should reflect in all apps/platforms, as we see it working for other platforms/apps (Noto Sans Oriya works on LibreOffice, Brave, Firefox and even Google Docs, allowing changing fonts) except Scribus.

Noto Sans Oriya tested for words:


2023-03-24 20:38

administrator   ~0050051

Well I've tested Noto Sans Oriya with Mozilla Firefox on Windows and it clearly does not work. It shows same rendering than in Scribus.


2023-03-25 01:22

administrator   ~0050052

Here is the rendering I get with Noto Sans Oriya and Anek Odia SemiCondensed with Firefox on Windows. For Noto Sans Oriya font, I used the font as provided initially in your sample doc, ie the obsolete font from 2019.
firefox-win-noto-sans-oriya.png (22,222 bytes)   
firefox-win-noto-sans-oriya.png (22,222 bytes)   


2023-03-25 01:52

administrator   ~0050053

And here is the rendering of Noto Sans Oriya in Google own font tester ( Note the square for the en dash signaling this character is missing from the font.

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