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0016933ScribusUser Interfacepublic2024-01-09 18:12
ReporterManikandanJayadev Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
PlatformmicrosoftOSwindowsOS Version10
Product Version1.4.8 
Summary0016933: Scribus user interface stops responding to edit
DescriptionAfter adding a new page - page->insert->insert page in an existing document stops responding to the existing text in the first page as well as new page. Only after closing the document and reopening solves the issue.
Steps To ReproduceOpen scribus in windows 10 with new document as single page. Add insert text frame insert->insert text frame and then edit the text frame and stay in the text frame. Then go to page->insert->insert page 1 press OK. Now try to edit the text frame or try to add new text frame.
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2023-04-25 19:48

administrator   ~0050135

Last edited: 2023-04-25 20:08

We have not been fixing issues in 1.4.x for some time. There will be no more releases of 1.4.x. We're working on getting 1.6.0 ready from 1.5.x . Feel free to switch already to 1.5.x. Other than that, I can only suspect a local system or desktop issue, or perhaps simply an old code issue that we cannot fix.


2023-04-27 07:38

reporter   ~0050143

Even now in the website it is the text written in the download page. {Currently the stable branch is the 1.4.x series. Download links for 1.4.x installers are available, click the button below. Use this branch if you want to work with a thoroughly tested software without any unpleasant surprises.} I am surprised this 1.4.8 release is thoroughly tested? The issue reported is a genuine easy to reproduce but i am worried to use the unstable 1.5.x release.


2023-04-27 10:46

developer   ~0050144

"i am worried to use the unstable 1.5.x release. "
Do not worry about it! It contains errors, but the stability cannot be complained about!


2023-04-27 19:49

administrator   ~0050146

Like I say, this is unlikely a Scribus 1.4.8 issue, but a desktop interface issue or system issue. 1.5.8 is more stable than 1.4.8.


2023-04-28 06:05

reporter   ~0050147

I don't think it would be a desktop interface issue or system issue. Am using adobe photoshop and pagemaker long time but not even see this kind of issues. The scribus issue is not the whole application freeze but the page which we are currently using gets affected(not responding to any inputs). Once i close the page itself(not the application) and reopen the same page the issue goes away. This issue can be seen in text frame inside image frame as well.


2024-01-09 18:12

reporter   ~0050855

@ManikandanJayadev Can you reproduce on latest stable 1.6.1 ?

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