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Summary0016936: Export posters to tiled A4 sized PDF pages WITH layers
DescriptionI use Scribus to export Inkscape SVG files to PDF files with layers, since Inkscape still doesn't manage to export layers in its PDF files.
This works really fine for single-page files.

But unfortunately, there is no possibility to offer the drawing in a format that enables people to print A4 sized pages that can be glued together afterwards. There is software that enables tiled printing, but some only work with image files, some don't support layers at all, others don't support layers over several pages. Inkscape now has the multi-page tool that works fine to tile posters, but it ignores the layers completely.

The whole issue is about sewing patterns, a, let's say, A0 sized drawing that contains a pattern for different sizes like T3-T8. Each size has its own layer, so the customer is able to only view (and print) the layer containing the desired size. Works great for single-page files, but most people only use A4 printers. So I'd love to split that big page into several A4 pages, but the customer should still be able to uncheck the layers he doesn't need.

Does this even work on multiple pages? I tried to export single A4 sized pages with layers and used PDF Arranger to merge them into a single PDF, but then you'll have to uncheck the layers on every page separately.

Is there any way this feature could be implemented?
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2023-04-30 16:37

manager   ~0050149

for document that have the same pattern, you probably can use the python scripting inside of scribus to copy the content of a document into another document of a different size and then produce a pdf.

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