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0016945ScribusPrintingpublic2023-05-29 18:56
Reportergftaylor Assigned Tojghali  
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OSWindowsOS Version10 
Product Version1.5.8 
Fixed in Version1.6.0.svn 
Summary0016945: Transparent image sitting above blue frame causes color change on frame where they overlap
DescriptionI set up a text frame with white text on a blue background. I then placed a transparent image with "sparkles" next to the word "Magic". It looked fine on the display and exported as a PDF without problem, but when I tried printing the image from Scribus, the rectangle of the image containing the sparkles turned the blue background shades of a pinkish-purple color. (The text in the frame that overlapped the image was not discolored).
Steps To ReproduceI attached a file that illustrates the problem. It consists of a small text box with white text on a blue background, overlaid with the "sparkles" image. When it prints to my printer, the rectangle containing the image has a pinkish background.
Additional InformationFor the sake of my project, I was able to export the document as a PDF, and the PDF looked right on the screen and printed properly to the printer. So it seems that it is something specific to printing that produces this problem.
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2023-05-18 22:43

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2023-05-18 22:45

reporter   ~0050174

Actually I was able to reproduce the problem when generating the sample file that is attached to the report.


2023-05-19 05:30

updater   ~0050175

could be related to the different color spaces and/or the different render priorities. the rectangle is filled in cmyk and converted 'relative colorimetric' and the .png image is in srgb with 'perceptual' as rendering intent. (the image shouldn't be converted as the output is in srgb as well…)


2023-05-21 15:12

administrator   ~0050178

No, it's something happening in cairo. On Windows, printing uses cairo and hence all operations are performed in RGB colorspace.

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