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0016948ScribusGeneralpublic2023-06-04 20:43
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Summary0016948: Scribus does not build with podofo-0.10.0
DescriptionArch Linux is in the process of updating podofo to v0.10.0. The libpodofo module has some APIs that have been renamed. Here is the migration guide:

As of now Scribus 1.5.8 does not build against the new library. It is now holding up the release of packages for other projects that *do* support it, like the latest release of Calibre, etc.

I looked through the 1.5.9.svn changelog and I don't see anything related to this yet. It would be good to get it addressed soon. Even if there isn't a release immanent, if there was a development branch that supported it we would try backporting the patches to get the current version working again.
Steps To Reproduce1. Install libpodofo 0.10.0 on a system.
2. Try to build scribus.



2023-06-04 20:43

administrator   ~0050209

I've fixed the CMake podofo detection, I believe, however the code changes are going to be quite significant I think. Perhaps we will have to make one full set of code for <0.10 and one for >0.10

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