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0016961ScribusProperties Palettepublic2023-07-04 09:31
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Summary0016961: Justification for Arabic is not acceptable
DescriptionDear Sirs,

though the justifications works fine for LTR languages, but for RTL there is no option to have "Align Text Justified" from RTL. Also when choosing Drop Caps with Lines = 4, the first character of the word overlaps the words on the right side of the text and the space appears on the left side of the words.

I will send a screen shot

Thank you,
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related to 0016963 new second line is indented on the left, when RTL drop caps is enabled 



2023-06-19 11:12


image.png (64,447 bytes)   
image.png (64,447 bytes)   


2023-06-19 17:30

manager   ~0050233

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i don't know much about arabic, but i wonder a bit how you got that messy rendering.

with the current scribus code, i just tried to get a text frame with the arabic lorem ipsum justified in it: what i got was much more comfortable to look at and did not have signs of aberrations.

on the other side, adding drop caps indeed results in some mess. it's probably worth to fill a ticket for that... if there is none yet
arabic-j.png (168,908 bytes)   
arabic-j.png (168,908 bytes)   


2023-06-20 04:13

reporter   ~0050236

Thank you for your reply, Yes you are right the justification is fine. I have to change the title of my report :).

anyway, the screenshot that I posted shows the drop cap. it is not fine. I will post another one for it. In my opinion, in Arabic, we should not have drop caps, it should be either the whole word or insert a separate character in the text, I prefer the first one. instead of adding a character in the text.
thank you
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image-2.png (122,385 bytes)   


2023-07-04 09:31

reporter   ~0050256

@fad Simply select "No Paragraph Effects" instead of "Drop Caps", Arabic text can have drop caps but it's rarely used and can be found in some calligraphic books/letters/poems.

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