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0001698ScribusImport / Exportpublic2011-09-15 19:34
ReporterplinnellAssigned Tofschmid  
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Product Version1.3 
Fixed in Version1.5.0svn 
Summary0001698: Enhance EPS importer to support raster graphics
DescriptionEnhance EPS importer to support raster graphics - per roadmap
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has duplicate 0002470 closed PS-File exported by Scribus cannot be imported again 
has duplicate 0003350 closed PS import plugin cannot import eps with images 



2006-03-23 00:18

administrator   ~0009430

Current CVS supports raster graphics with the following limitations:

* imagemask doesn't work correctly
* clip path is ignored
* creates one file for each bitmap, which can be a lot

2006-12-05 08:51


2006-12-05 08:52


2006-12-05 08:52



2006-12-05 09:05

reporter   ~0013766

I have a problem with import eps(from corel draw 9) file with foto into scribus. I can't import eps postscript level 1 but post script level 2 and 3 hava changed position of foto and tekst. When I import eps without foto is rather good. When i import eps into image box and export to pdf i see raster image :(


2006-12-05 09:55

developer   ~0013768

Last edited: 2006-12-05 11:01

Misiek: according to plinnell, your EPS files are broken/non conformant, see also the 3 URL's below:

Quoting from my IRC chat with plinnell:
"all 3 of those files fail to open in Ghostscript or GSview, along with Photoshop.. so I suspect the EPS is being exported with some settings which are not compatible with other applications... IMO all 3 are broken EPs files which show bugs in exporting"

quoting fschmid:
"just tested the 3 Corel EPS files here... All versions of Ghostscript available refuse to display them. I can't even get the included screen previews. The file offsets in the DOS header are totally wrong and even extracting the TIFF previews with an HexEditor doesn't work as these TIFF's are borked either."


2011-08-02 20:39

administrator   ~0026671

Fixed with the new poppler based PDF/PS/EPS importer in 1.5.0svn

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