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0016984ScribusScripterpublic2023-07-29 18:55
Reporterale Assigned To 
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Product Version1.7.0.svn 
Summary0016984: scribus.docChanged(True) has no effect
Descriptionthe `scribus.docChanged(True)` command does not mark the document as dirty nor activates the "file > revert to saved" menu item.
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2023-07-29 07:43

manager   ~0050287

It also seems that ScribusMainWindow::slotDocCh(bool /*reb*/) does not use its argument anymore.

It might be worth to deprecate the scripter's function argument and update its docstring.


2023-07-29 07:55

manager   ~0050288

Last edited: 2023-07-29 17:58

I've tried to folow the flow of the code, but I could not find where the signal gets lost...


2023-07-29 18:55

manager   ~0050289

when trying to close the document, i get asked if i want to save the document: so scribus is indeed notified of the document being dirty.

it seems to be something related to the update of the scribus UI...

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